Free Courses to Help Veterans Struggling with Pain or Trauma

I can certainly understand why suicide is such a problem in the veterans' community. So many veterans struggle with pain and trauma. Many veterans try to solve their pain with little success. 

There are, however, many holistic ways to help veterans resolve pain and trauma without drugs, spending money they don't have, or having to wait for appointments. Below are several courses veterans can take to help with their pain or trauma. When you heal the mind, it becomes much easier to heal physical issues.

One recommendation I would definitely make is that you have a checkup with your doctor first. Understanding your health problems can make it easier to heal from them.

This free online coping skills course will teach you how you can use an array of coping methods to free yourself from unnecessary stress and pain. They say stress is "the common cold of mental health" and you need to be able to protect against it to stay strong, stay fit and well, and get the most out of life. In this course, you will learn coping skills that can give you joy and greatly reduce the day-to-day stress you feel.

This short course is practical for anyone who has suffered trauma or shock or offers support and counsel on people's journey to healing. We will start by defining what healing is and setting the goal of attaining inner peace. You will learn the exercises that are used for specifically 'cleaning and clearing' shock and trauma. If you are interested in dealing with trauma, then this free course is for you. Enrol today!

This free online course arms you with the knowledge required to manage and treat trauma and cognitive disorders. We explore the causes of cognitive disorders and how to manage them. We explain how to treat trauma using dialectical behavioural therapy techniques that draw on and enhance mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Sign up to learn how to help people reconnect with their peers and themselves.

Anxiety and depression are common global mental health problems, while self-harm and suicide are leading causes of death among young people. This online course aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the therapies, treatments and guidelines for dealing with the symptoms and causes of mental illnesses and drug abuse. Learn how to help people recover from self-harm, prevent suicide and regain their mental health. Enrol today!

Does someone around you need help with a mental illness? Do you want to get help for anxiety symptoms yourself? This course on cognitive behavioural therapy will cater to all your needs. Develop a sound understanding of the various techniques that have evolved over the years to treat patients with mental health disorders. This CBT course addresses all these specializations, from anxiety and depression to OCD and PTSD. So don't delay! Start now!

Catastrophic events can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), significantly impacting individuals' emotional and mental functioning, and are a universal concern for healthcare systems. We therefore created this trauma processing course to give mental health professionals and other clinicians the knowledge and skills they need to help patients and clients identify and process traumatic experiences that negatively impact their lives.