Belgian Defence News

This is the official military site for Belgian Defence. It is presented in Flemish. (I think). Belgium has four official languages: French, German, Dutch, and Flemish.

The Belgian Defense is the military organization responsible for the defense and security of Belgium. Its primary objective is to protect the country's national interests, ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens, and contribute to international peacekeeping efforts.

The Belgian Defense consists of various branches, including the Land Component (Army), Air Component (Air Force), and Naval Component (Navy). Each branch is responsible for maintaining operational readiness, conducting military operations, and safeguarding Belgium's territory and interests.

The Belgian Defense actively participates in international peacekeeping missions, contributes to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) operations, and collaborates with other nations to promote global security and stability. It engages in joint military exercises, training programs, and defense partnerships to enhance interoperability and share expertise with allied countries.