Australian Defence News

This is the official page for the Australian Defence Force. You can access information and news about their Army, Air Force, and Navy. View media, find information about government procurement, and discover defence industry jobs and careers. This is also an excellent site with information for military families.

The Australian Department of Defence is the government agency responsible for Australia's defence policies and military forces. Its primary role is to defend Australia and its national interests, promote security and stability in the region, and contribute to global peacekeeping efforts.

The department is led by the Minister for Defence and is responsible for formulating and implementing defence policies, as well as managing Australia's defence capabilities. This includes the Australian Defence Force (ADF), which consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The Australian Defence Force is responsible for protecting Australia's territorial integrity and interests, as well as providing support in times of national emergencies and participating in international peacekeeping operations. It maintains a modern and capable military force through recruitment, training, and ongoing operational readiness.

The Australian Department of Defence also works closely with regional and international partners to enhance security cooperation and contribute to regional stability. It collaborates with allies and other countries through various defence agreements, joint exercises, and diplomatic efforts.