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There are many resources available to help veterans improve their health. My goal is to offer you non-traditional resources to help you improve your health. As with any resource for your health, make sure you have a checkup with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough, especially if you plan to start a workout program.

Memory Care is a resource based on the latest cutting-edge resources and research related to brain care. It is designed to help those struggling with memory-related issues like Alzheimer's, dementia, and other issues receive the correct diagnosis and care. Comprehensive resources for caregivers are also available to help them more easily care for the patient. Veterans can find out more here: Memory Care Resources for Veterans


If you're like me and like alternative medicine, then you'll enjoy these courses. They will teach you natural ways to heal yourself as well as stay healthy.

Are you looking for the best workouts to help you get in shape and improve your health? Do you want workouts that are gentle enough to avoid muscle soreness but help you get in shape quickly as well? You'll love these workouts. They include Pilates, Yoga, bodyweight, running, swimming, and more. Even if you don't think you have time to work out, I have you covered with a 10-minute workout that will help you get fit fast!

Yoga and meditation are effective for dealing with both mental and physical issues.  This site offers scholarships for veterans who are interested in using these healing modalities to deal with their physical and mental health issues. Instructors are professionally trained, and there is an extensive free library of videos available for those who would like to try out yoga on their own. Classes are available both online and offline.